Bumper: On a black or blue background, we see the text "THE MONEY THAT CTW EARNS WHEN YOU BUY OUR LICENSED PRODUCTS IS PUT BACK INTO SESAME STREET AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS! THANKS FOR HELPING!" fade in, in either a gold, pink or white color. Then, it fades out into either a copyright notice, or the Sesame Street website bumper from the time, or a copyright notice before the latter.


  • The size, arranging and formatting of the text varies.
  • The font of the text varies.
  • In late 2000, the text "CTW" was changed to "SESAME WORKSHOP".
  • An in-credit variant was featured on certain videos, such as Cookie Monster's Best Bites (which was the first video to use this bumper), Kids' Guide to Life: Big Bird Gets Lost and Sesame Street: The Alphabet Jungle Game.
  • A special animated version was created for some Elmo's World tapes and certain prints of Elmo's Musical Adventure: The Story of Peter and the Wolf. The background is navy blue-bright blue gradient, and the text above, now in pink, fades in over it. Then, it fades to a copyright notice, and then the Sesame Street website bumper. Also, all the exclamation points are now periods.

FX/SFX: Often times just the fading.

Music/Sounds: Either none, the closing theme of the video, the harmonica version of the Sesame Street theme, or a smooth jazz rendition of said theme (heard as the closing theme to a couple of Elmo's World videos).

Availability: Seen at the end of all Sesame Street videos from the era, all of which were released by Sony Wonder.

Scare Factor: It depends on the variant. It can range from none to high, often times due to the darkness, the "Pink Scribble" website promo following this, or the lack of music. Low for those used to it, and none for variants with music on them.