Bumper: On a black background, many triangular shapes of different sizes rotate and slide in. The camera pans over them as they settle into a backwards, segmented "N", with the negative space being occupied by corresponding shapes. The camera then pans up to reveal the logo again, but in gold and facing forwards. Below it is "NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS" stacked while "FEATURE PRESENTATION" fades in below.

FX/SFX: The shapes sliding in, the camera panning.

Music/Sounds: A proud synth fanfare.

Availability: Extinct in theaters.


Bumper: Against the same curtain background as the coming attractions bumper, the same curtain man from said bumper is pleased to introduce the forthcoming film. As we zoom out, objects appear around him including a man's monocle, a woman's lips, a monster, and a hammer that hits the monster. More objects appear as the curtain man says more things about the movies in a fast speed. After such, a bright flash of light makes the objects disappear all at once, leaving the curtain man still there. He tells the viewers to enjoy the show. After, he faints, ending the trailer.

FX/SFX: The animation of the curtain man, objects, and the bright flash! Also, you can hear an electric sound for when the flash happens.

Music/Sounds: "Star Parade" by Tony Kinsey (heard on KPM's 1000 LP Series album, Entertainment, later used for KPM's album, That's Showbiz) plays, but stops as the curtain man begins speaking rapid fire. Speaking of speak, the curtain man says, "And now, ladies and gents! It's showtime! Come with me into the world of celluloid magic! Come enjoy the mystery, the romance (kiss sound), the horror (monster roars), and the humor (hammer hits monster as a cuckoo clock sound is heard)!" He begins speeding up as he says more things, followed by a bright flash of light accompanied by the aforementioned electric sound. After the dust settles, the curtain man finishes with "(sigh) Enjoy... the show!" A thud is heard when he faints. If one slows the bumper down, he says during the fast talk, "The stars, the music, the effects, the stunts, the credits, the dancing girls, the magic!"

Availability: Same as the previous bumper.

Editor's Note: Like the coming attractions bumper, the MTV pin on the curtain man is a real nice touch since NA is the parent of MTV Networks (later Viacom International).


Nickname: "Dots/Lights"

Bumper: On a black background, we see a light flashing into the center, which takes place at the blue/orange space warp background with two white dots, the dots start appearing by one. Then it goes really faster like a crescendo, and it rotates to the right, with the blur lines, it forms the big N, The word "NATIONAL AMUSEMENTS" appears, and then the word "FEATURE PRESENTATION" fades in below. The logo shines with blur lines, and it fades out.

FX/SFX: Very nice CGI and animation.

Music/Sounds: A train whistle, the projector noise, a loud piano, and an adventurous fanfare.

Availability: Same as the previous bumpers.

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