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1970–December 9, 1983


1977–December 1983

September 30, 1983–present (in theaters on rare occasions)

December 26, 1995-present (Versions from Other Studios)

January 9, 2001–March 22, 2016; February 14, 2017 (Paramount version)


Starting in 2005, the MPAA URL is added next to the Film Ratings URL. (Excluding Paramount and Sony versions) Some of the early versions have the Film Ratings URL centered, while others have it off-center to the left. The early variants were used in tandem with the MPAA URL variant. As of 2014, Warner Bros. releases continue to use this style of rating IDs.

January 2, 2001–January 28, 2014 (Sony Pictures version)

January 2, 2001-February 25, 2003; May 27, 2003 (first variant)