Starting in 1996, and until 2005, these bumpers advertising the MGM website appeared on products from MGM/UA Home Video/MGM Home Entertainment.


Bumper: On a white background, green dust forms a green oval. At the same time, an orange circle with an arrow is spinning. The words "visit mgm/ua on the internet" fly in from the left, while the URL "" flies in from the right. An orange arrow flies down towards the circle, and disappears while the latter text stops at the oval.

FX/SFX: The dust forming the oval, the sliding text, the spinning circle, and the arrow.

Music/Sounds: None usually, but on the 1996 demo VHS of Unforgettable there is music from the movie that plays as an announcer says "Visit Unforgettable on the Internet at"

Availability: Seen on certain MGM/UA releases of the era, such as All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Kingpin, Larger than Life and the 1996 VHS of Rocky, as well as early MGM DVD releases such as the 1997 DVD releases of Goldeneye, The Black Stallion, and Red Dawn, and the 1998 releases of Hang 'Em High and The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. It also pops up on DVD reprints of Stallion.

Editor's Note: Due to the absence of Leo, this bumper is more well-received better than the other bumpers.

1997-2002 (original usage); 2004, 2012 (reprints)

Bumper: On a black background, an invisible filmstrip of MGM logos is rolling down. The camera eases back to show an angled view of a blue screen with black and white overtones while the filmstrip moves to the left. The blue screen has a yellow/orange circle with the letters "mgM" and the word "ONLINE" on the bottom right of those letters. About 85% of the circle is cut out, specifically on the "g" and most of the bottom, leaving a crescent shape. A spotlight shines on the circle. Then, the screen slides backwards, and another screen of the same style slides in front of it, but this one has the words "Visit MGM at" on the top, and at the bottom, the URL "", also in the yellow/orange color. The camera then moves so that only the screen shows, while the URL moves upward to be on the top center of it. At the same time, "Visit MGM at" disappears.

Variant: On the 1999 DVD of For a Few Dollars More, the top and bottom sides of the screen are cropped to create a widescreen version.

FX/SFX: Leo, the filmstrip, and the moving screens.

Music/Sounds: Aside from Leo roaring, there is a synthesized whoosh when the bumper begins. As the second screen slides in, there is a mechanical moving sound, and then a thud. Then, as the camera moves to face the screen, a weird synthesized moving sound is heard, which sounds like a car from The Jetsons. When the camera gets into a comfortable position, the bumper ends with another thud.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the 1998 VHS of Shag: The Movie, the bumper is silent.

Availability: Seen on MGM Home Entertainment VHS and DVD releases from the era, as well as later MGM/UA Home Video releases such as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. It was used in tandem with the 3rd bumper until 2002, an example being the original 2000 VHS issue of Return to Me, which has both bumpers. The last MGM release to use this bumper was the 2002 VHS of Bandits, though it was retained on the 2004 reprint of the 2000 DVD of The Alamo (1960) and on the 2012 reprint of the 2000 DVD of Spaceballs.

Editor's Note: A good bumper, though Leo's presence could cause some with a fear of lions to have an unfavorable view of it.


MGM website promo D

MGM website promo D

Bumper: On a black background, the 1986 logo animates as normal. When it is done, it dissolves into the words "COME SEE WHAT THE ROAR IS ABOUT" in an Impact font. They are seen zooming in slightly towards the viewer before dissolving into the URL "MGM.COM". It zooms in slightly towards the viewer, before the bumper fades to black.

FX/SFX: Leo roaring, the dissolving, and the zooming.

Music/Sounds: A different lion roar than usual, then some ominous synth drones and whooshes. The lion roar in this bumper was heard in MGM Means Great Movies.

Availability: Rare, as it was the last of these bumpers to be seen on VHS releases. It was used on VHS releases like A Christmas Carol: The Movie, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, Soul Plane, and Be Cool. As already mentioned, this was used in tandem with the 2nd bumper until 2002. Also, it is the VHS equivalent of the 4th bumper. Some of the first products to use this bumper would be What's The Worst That Could Happen, Dirty Pictures, Attention Shoppers and others.

Editor's Note: As above, those with a fear of lions may have an unfavorable view of this bumper.


MGM Website Promo Widescreen

MGM Website Promo Widescreen

Bumper: On a black background, a large "@" symbol fades in on the center of the viewer's screen. While it does this, the words "visit mgm" wipe in in front of it. As this happens, the MGM logo (minus the MGM header and the TM symbol) fades in and zooms in. The logo briefly rests but then begins zooming in again, until Leo is uncomfortably close to the viewer's screen. He then fades out, while the "@" symbol disappears, and the "visit mgm" text transforms into a golden line. The URL "" wipes in above that golden line. The golden line fades out, while the URL is still on the viewer's screen. The URL is seen for 3 more seconds before the bumper fades out.

Variant: On some releases such as A Chorus Line, The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly, Fargo (1996), and Walking Tall, the bumper is shown in widescreen.

FX/SFX: "visit mgm" wiping in, Leo zooming in, the text transforming, and the address wiping in.

Music/Sounds: Aside from Leo roaring, there is a two-note orchestrated fanfare, which ends in a twinkle that sustains itself ominously.

Availability: Seen on MGM Home Entertainment/DVD releases from the era such as Saved!, Agent Cody Banks, Good Boy!, and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. Also, it is the DVD equivalent of the 3rd bumper.

Editor's Note: Due to the zoom-in of the MGM logo, this bumper has given off the impression that Leo is going to eat the viewer, and as such it is a notorious bumper among many.