Bumper: The viewer sees a still version of HiT Entertainment's current logo, with a menu consisting of two buttons, that either say "Auto Play", or "Main Menu". The viewer has the option of selecting either button while the bumper is in progress, skipping it altogether.

FX/SFX: None, unless you count the cursor's movements on the buttons as you move it in between the two buttons.

Cheesy Factor: This bumper feels like a rip-off of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment's Fast Play bumper.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer, who sounds excited, says "For your convenience, this DVD has been enhanced with HiT Entertainment's Auto Play! Your program and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass Auto Play, select the "Main Menu" button at any time. Your feature presentation will begin in a moment. Enjoy!", until you skip past the bumper by selecting one of the buttons.

Availability: Seen on certain HiT Entertainment DVD releases from the era.

Scare Factor: None to low, since the excited announcer can surprise those who are not expecting him.