Bumper: We see a white faded cloud background with a Granada logo on the left side and an announcer is in the middle of the screen either male or female announcer


  • For Christmas 1994: We see a cropped left sided festive Christmas Village with children. A Gold rectangle with a Granada logo in the same colour. A Faded Village window is placed in the middle.
  • For Christmas 1995: We see a red wallpapered room with a Christmas tree. A gold Granada logo is placed at the left side of the screen.

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: None but an announcer announces a following programme.

Availability: Broadcasted during the 1990-1995 era.


Standard Variants

Christmas Variants

Bumper: We see a Granada logo on the left side of the screen as a animated clip of a programme plays in the background with the title below.


  • For the Announcement slide, we see a dark blue background with a Granada symbol on the top left corner with "Granada" in duplicates either stacked sideways or in normal format and a still image of a programme which is slightly pixelated on the edges, is seen next to it. The Christmas Version has a Santa G and the background is replaced by a living room window with snow flakes falling.
  • 1996 Christmas variants exists with A Grey Granada symbol dressed as Santa. Another one exists at the end of the trailer where the symbol gets knocked off the screen by a duplicate on a skateboard before getting hooked off the screen.

FX/SFX: Animated clip. Stop Motion for the 1996 Christmas Variants.

Music/Sounds: A theme and an announcer either male or female.

Availability: Broadcasted during the 1995-1998 era.