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1st Warning

Warning: On a black background, we see the warning text, with "WARNING:" in red, and the rest of the text ("subject the offender" text) in white capital letters, with "WESTERN PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC." in larger letters (on some videos, it varies: the Sesame Street ones use "CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP and MUPPETS, INC." and Herbert the Timid Dragon and Other Tales uses "MERCER MAYER" instead.). 


  • Some tapes rephrase the warning to refer to video adaptions instead of motion pictures, although the warnings on tapes that credit "Children's Television Workshop and Muppets, Inc." refer to both.
  • On the 1985 VHS of Masters Of The Universe Stories, everything that was supposed to be black in the warning screen is blue.
  • Starting in 1986, the warning text is rephrased.
  • Sometimes, the text is in a different font.
  • On Canadian releases, the warning text is phrased and in capitals.

FX/SFX: None. 

Availability: Seen on all videos from this era with the 1985-1986 music and the scary "Space" closing logo at the end, including the early Golden Step Ahead releases, and on some 1986 Golden Book Video releases using the 1986-1996 music.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Releases with the "Space" logo may raise the scare factor due to this preceding it.

2nd Warning

Warning: Similar to the previous, except it's in a somewhat modified font (except for "WARNING:" which appears in the same font) and smaller in text. The warning text in white is now lowercase.

Variant: Some tapes say "No part of this program may be reproduced or copied by any means, nor publicly broadcast without written permission from the copyright owner"; others say "For private home use only. Any unauthorized copying, hiring, lending or public performance of this program is prohibited by law. Violators will be subject to prosecution."

FX/SFX: None.

Availability: Seen on all Golden Book Video releases from 1987-1996 with the 1986-1996 jingle, as well as GoldenVision, Golden Step Ahead, and Golden Books Home/Family Entertainment releases (later co-released by Sony Wonder). Also seen on DVD releases from the company.

Scare Factor: Low.