ID: We see Bob in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, He is tilting backwards and forwards on his surf board on stacked wooden crates. Then, the following dialog happens:

  • Scoop: Uh, what are you doing, Bob?
  • Bob: I'm practicing. Wendy says we're going surfing today.
  • (All the machines go excited, Wendy walks up to him)
  • Wendy: Bob, I meant surfing on the internet.
  • Bob: Oh.
  • (Later, Wendy shows Bob the website)
  • Wendy: We got our own website now.
  • Bob: Oh that's brilliant! How can people find it?
  • Wendy: Well, the address is: (the URL appears)
  • Bob: (accidentally knocks Pilchard off the desk with his surfboard) See you there. (He puts on his sunglasses, Pilchard pokes her head up titling the URL)

Variant: A rare variant exists where the URL is

FX/SFX: Stop-motion animation done by Hot Animation and HiT Entertainment.

Music/Sounds: Some music playing the background, as well as the dialog (see above).

Availability: Seen on many Bob the Builder VHS releases in the UK. The variant is a tough find, but can be found on the 2000 UK VHS release of the Mucky Muck episode.

Editor's Note: None.