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Bumper: On a blue background, we see the pre-1990 Universal Studios logo in a yellow circle with a black outline. The black outline turns red with a white outline. Surrounding it was "THE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER OF THE WORLD" with two stars fade in. Then it turns to a palm tree with a bus and a city. The text "When in Hollywood Visit Universal Studios" appears.


  • There is a short version of the bumper where it starts with the "Visit Universal Studios" slide.
  • On John Landis films, the words "(Ask for Babs)" fades in below.
  • Sometimes, the words "PRODUCED BY" and "CALIFORNIA, U.S.A." above and below the Universal Studios logo.
  • In its early years, the words "CITY" was placed next to "STUDIOS" and it zooms up. The next slide reads "WHEN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VISIT UNIVERSAL CITY STUDIOS" with a cameraman and people in it and (very hardly) film actors in it.
  • The short version was parodied in The Flintstones and the prequel. The words in a stone-looking font and the words "WHEN IN HOLLYROCK VISIT UNIVERSHELL STUDIOS" and the design looks different.

FX/SFX: Just the fading.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme.

Availabiltiy: Seen at the end of some Universal films such as Sneakers, The Thing, Drag Me to H***, Despicable Me, and the original theatrical print of Fast Five. Also appears on the 1991 VHS release of Cape Fear. Don't except to see this on Blues Brothers 2000, instead using the special bumper (see below).

Scare Factor: None.


Bumper: We see searchlights on a city skyline with the 1990s Universal Studios theme park logos and the words "Hollywood & Florida" in script. The outlining border shines.


  • On Action Man, the words "PRODUCTION FACILITES PROVIDED BY" above the logo.
  • On Blues Brothers 2000, the words "SEE THE STARS AND RIDE THE MOVIES!" under the logo. Then it fades out and make room for "(ASK FOR BABS)" underneath the logo.

FX/SFX: The searchlights moving and the border shines.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st bumper.

Availability: Seen on the 90s cartoon Action Man and Blues Brothers 2000.

Scare Factor: None.